A.M.E. Church



Media Ministry:
CDs and DVDs of worship services, Bible Studies, concerts and special programs are available following the worship services or by mail order.

Job Information Center:
Provides counseling and assistance in locating jobs and training programs for unemployed or disadvantaged persons.

Organizations and Auxiliaries
“There’s A Place For You at Brookins-Kirkland!” We extend a hearty welcome and invite you to participate in the activities at Brookins-Kirkland Community A.ME. Church. We have many organizations and auxiliaries ranging from the traditional – Usher Boards and Missionary Society – to the non-traditional such as Health Ministry. For more information, call our church office at (323) 296-5610.

Bereavement Committee: Assists the family of the deceased in grief support, funeral arrangements, memorial services and other’s needs.

Class Leaders Council: Duties include maintaining contact with new members, visiting the general membership and providing spiritual support.

Church (Sunday) School: Conducts classes in religious knowledge to instruct the membership and advance the cause of Christianity.

Health Ministry: Sponsors health clinics and seminars for the congregation and community.

Lay Organization: Organizes and trains lay members (all members who are not elders or deacons) in the history, tradition and principles of African Methodism.

Membership & Evangelism Commission: Promotes church attendance, distributes religious literature, visits the sick and shut-in, and develops prayer groups and other activities to spread the Gospel.

Sons of Allen/Men of Brookins: Organizes men in Christian fellowship and develops activities to strengthen the role of men in the church.

Music Department: Enhances worship through music. Coordinates and oversees the choirs for Brookins-Kirkland Sunday services at 9:00 a.m. They include the Voices of Unity, Youth & Young Adult Choir, Buds of Promise Children’s Choir and the Male Chorus.

New Members Institute: Instructs new members in the doctrines of Christianity and African Methodism through a 11-week series of classes.

Public Relations Commission: Disseminates information to the congregation and the community about the doctrine, programs, procedures and activities of the church.

Scouts Organization (Boys/Girls): Instructs boys and girls in leadership, self-confidence, independence and Christian values.

A.M.E. ChurchUsher Board: Official doorkeepers of the house of God; welcome visitors and directs them to comfortable seats; ensures that order is kept in and around the church; aids the pastor in making the worship service a success. Includes Senior, Men’s, Ladies, Youth and Junior Usher Boards.

Welcome Ministry: Greets members and visitors at the door before each worship service. Coordinates and presents other activities to promote family togetherness.

Women’s Missionary Society (WMS): Develops fellowship activities to aid women and youth grow in the knowledge of Christ.